The screen-console: digital blood pudding

This is what it is. It is not a small thing in times when so many multi-applauded, multi-awarded films and surely more multi-awarded films in the future pretend to be Great Works -with capital letters- loaded with creativity, truth, Mortal Kombat full movie denunciation and humanity that in reality They are (especially Mank and perhaps Nomadland and A Promising Girl).

This adaptation of the famous video game created in 1992 and brought to the cinema in 1995 by Paul WS Anderson (Mortal Kombat) and in 1997 by John R. Leonetti (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) gives what it promises: the video game bloated by the size of the screen and digital effects, strongly spiced with an extreme violence superior to the two installments of the 90s and somewhat ennobled by the happy fashion of giving depth to comics and video games. Fortunately, its screenwriters and its newcomer director from advertising, Simon McQuoid, have not renounced humor and plot nonsense that does not seek any justification for stories, characters or situations, using them alone, as if they were the speaker of a bloody digital ring of more or less martial and oriental arts, to present and link the fight scenes with very complicated choreography and abundance of blood that are the only reason for the film to exist.

The plot adds all the existing topics in the western, the war cinema of trained commandos, the swashbuckling stories, science fiction or comics; and he does so in his canonized stages: self-discovery of a fighter who ignored both his remote origin and the just cause that his destiny has in store for him, meeting with other colleagues,

training and the final fight. More than the name of its director, who does not say anything, it is the name of its producer that defines the film: James Wang, the screenwriter, director and producer who rose to fame in 2004 with Saw and since then, although it seems impossible, He has directed and / or produced 32 films and 8 television series. In front of an audience he knows well, Wang knows how to order the production to meet all his expectations. Proof of this are the successive rewrites of the script even during the filming phase. That’s why this noisy nothing is too much for video game fans in particular and for fans of the extreme blood-digital fighting universe in general. The greatest, if not the only, virtue of him is to offer what they both expect from her.