Mortal Kombat: Joe Taslim has a contract to continue playing Sub-zero

While the Mortal Kombat movie, far from being perfect, has given the fans everything they wanted, action, blood and especially Fatality with a lot of explicit violence, which makes it one of the best video game adaptations, and everything seems to point out that Warner Bros. is preparing a whole saga for the franchise, or at least that’s what it has in mind.

During an interview conducted by the Podcast “Just for Variety” the actor who gave life to Sub-Zero, Joe Taslim has confirmed that he not only signed a contract with Warner Bros. to participate in it, but for four more feature films; a sign that the company has some hope of continuing to provide the respectable with a good dose of fatalities and various savages. All this depending on the reception of the film, Mortal Kombat full movie which topped the box office during the weekend of its release in several countries.

In addition to the clues obtained by the actor’s contract, the same screenwriter of the film declared in an interview with the Collider media that there are plans for a trilogy, but that, for the moment, it was time to focus on the first stone of the project.

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