Mortal Kombat: 7 craziest deaths in the new movie

When it comes to anything Mortal Kombat related, there is a high expectation of violence. Hell, it’s there in the name. The video game was created on the premise that two characters would creatively and bloody try to beat each other to death, and it’s a formula that has worked for nearly three decades. As such, Mortal Kombat full movie fans definitely stepped into director Simon McQuoid’s hit new adaptation anticipating unconditional destruction and dismemberment, and in that realm, the movie definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Mortal Kombat wastes no time getting into gory violence as a lot of the red stuff spills out only in the first sequence, but there are definitely certain moments that stand out more than others – the most prominent are seven specific murders that fans They will make you remember for a long time. We have chronicled all of them here, and it must be emphasized that we do not include all the death scenes that appear here; it is simply one of the best.